Saturday, November 19, 2011

Greg Jennings

Mailed on 8/3/11 and received on 11/16/11. Signed 1/1.
  Great return from a guy who is on the best team in football right now. Green Bay is the raining Super Bowl champ and looks like they can do it again. Jennings is such a play maker for Aaron Rodgers, the best QB in the NFL. My Jets played them last year on Halloween and lost 9-0 ( an awful offensive performance by Sanchez). There is a video on YouTube called "Greg Jennings Broken Leg" and I would put the link on here but there is some foul language. Look it up because its pretty funny. Card was mailed to the Packers.

Jonathan Toews

Mailed on 8/14/11 and received back on 9/26/11. Signed 1/1.
   Toews! A favorite of mine and many others. The Blackhawks are a great team and the leadership of Jonathan Toews is a big reason why. I was lucky enough to watch them play last season here in New York at the Garden ( Rangers win 4-3). That really got the Rangers going last season and hopefully we can get another win like that one. Cards were mailed to the Blackhawks.

Michael Cuddyer

Mailed on 5/20/11 and received on 10/11/11. Signed 1/1.
  Michael Cuddyer has been so great for the Twins for many years and with the Twins on the decline, his days with them seem to be over because he is free agent this offseason. Last year Cuddyer really came into his own and is bound to get paid this season. MLB Network is saying Phillies but hopefully that doesnt happen because they already have enough talent. Dont count the Twins out. Card was mailed to the Twins.

Adam Graves

Thankyou David H. for this beauty! Sorry I took so long but your card will be mailed by the end of the weekend!

John Scott

Mailed on 8/22/11 and received on 10/25/11. Signed 1/1.
   After some rough years with the Wild, the Blackhawks decide to take a chance on John Scott. Let me tell you one thing, when your 6'8 there will be many teams in any sport that will want you. Hopefully John can use that size to help the Hawks out this season on defense. Card was mailed to the Blackhawks.

Dion Phaneuf

Mailed on 8/24/11 and recieved back on 9/21/11. Signed 3/3.
   Nice return from a great leader of the Maple Leafs. One of the best D' men in the game, Dion continues being a force and is a big part if the Leafs ever want to turn it around. Cards were mailed to his home.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check Out Sports

I just wanted to to tell you collectors that Frank Warren of Sports shot me an email saying that he would love for me to give a link to his company. They really do have some great stuff. Signed cards for 10 usd. and All Star game autod pucks for 60 usd. It would be great for you folks to check it out.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rex Ryan

Mailed out on 9/1/11 and received back on 9/18/11. Signed my 8x10 photo.
     Wow! By far my favorite TTM success. Rex is my favorite coach of all time and does a great job with my favorite team, the New York Jets. I love how confident he is with this group. Seriousley, when you have superstars in Revis, Mangold, Holmes, etc. and proven vets like LT, Plax, and Mason, the expectations will be high. Rex is just great and I love his trash talk. I was so glad that he personalized the photo and wrote "play like a jet!", just as I asked. Folks, this is the New York Jets year to win it all! Also, this is the first 8x10 success TTM for me. I only have sent two out and they were to Rex and Bart Scott. Photo was mailed to the Jets training center.

Tony Gonzalez

Mailed out on 8/10/11 and received back on 9/24/11. Signed 1/1.
    Great return from a future Hall Of Famer. Number six all time on the career catches list and most for a tight end. Mr. Gonzalez has a nice signature and seems to really takes his time. I have seen people get the pre printed card but, I was lucky enough for him to sign my card. Card was mailed to his fan mail site in California.

Jacob Tamme

Mailed out on 9/1/11 and received back on 9/13/11. Signed 1/1.
  Tamme really played well last season when Pro-Bowl Tight End Dallas Clark went down on IR. He still plays on the Colts but more as blocking tight end. Mr. Tamme has great hands and is a good player in the red zone. Card came out great and I am fans of guys who sign in blue. Now I have TTM success from both Colts tight ends. Card was mailed to the Colts.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marc Staal

Mailed out on 8/16/11 and received back on 9/17/11. Signed 1/1.
    Marc Staal! One of my favorite Rangers! I am so glad to get Staal TTM because I havent had a chance to meet him IP. Hopefully I will this season. Marc is such a great player and watch out for my Rangers this season. I can't wait to see this new Rangers team. I am not impressed with many teams from the East but in the West, I really like the LA Kings. I will mail to Staal again with some newer cards. Card was mailed to the Staal family home.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Steven Jackson

Mailed out on 8/10/11 and received back on 9/17/11. Signed 1/1.
   A FOOTBALL SUCCESS! Its been a while because I usually dont write to football players but this season I have written to a lot. Steven Jackson is a complete beast and basically carries this Rams team on his back every season. Last year he almost carried the team into the playoffs but just fell short on the last Sunday night game of the season against Seattle. With Jackson and 2010 No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford, the Rams look to be the team in the NFC West from what I see. Card was mailed to the Rams.

Saku Koivu

Mailed out on 8/19/11 and received back on 9/12/11. Signed 1/1.
     Nice return! I have seen a lot of Saku success and I am glad to see mine come back. Saku will always be remembered for his days in Montreal. Still, he will play a big role for the Ducks this season. I remember seeing Saku's return to Montreal and whenever he touched the puck he got loud cheers. Card was mailed to his home.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joe Sakic

Mailed out on 8/21/11 and Received back on 9/6/11. Signed 1/1.
I am so happy to get Sakic. I tried him twice through the Avs when he was still playing and recieved nothing. This was another good address find. Great return from one of my All-Time favorites. I love the way he signed the card and I will have to mail to him again. I heard he only took one card per request.  Card was mailed to his home.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Henrik Zetterberg

Mailed out on 8/22/11 and Received back on 9/1/11. Signed 1/1.
  Nice return from who I think is the best player on the Red Wings squad. He used a very light blue marker but, looks very nice in person. I got to say that these Game Breakers cards are sweet and I will have to mail more out. I am not the biggest Red Wings fan but, I like Mr. Zetterberg as a person and as a player. I have seen returns from him that have taken much longer than the amount of time it took for mine to get returned. Card was mailed to Mr. Zetterberg's agent.

Joe Thornton

Mailed out on 12/21/09 and Received back on 9/1/11. Signed 1/1.
   Thats right 09 folks. I looked at the return envelope in confusion and then latter found one of my oldest requests. I am a little annoyed that on the bottom of the card is a crease because it got beat up in the mail. Any advice on how to avoid this? I have another request out to Joe with some newer cards that I guess should be coming back soon. Card was mailed to the Sharks.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Equipment Sending TTM

Hello All,
  Is it possible to send out equipment such as pucks,baseballs, footballs,etc? If so how do you include a SASE? All help will be great.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thomas Vanek

Mailed out on 5/23/11 and Received back on 8/26/11. Signed 1/1.
  Great return from a very good hockey player. The reason why you dont see his signature is because of the color of Buffalo's sleeve and pants color is blue, the color Mr. Vanek used. Loved the personalization. Card was mailed to Mr. Vanek's home.

If you were wondering, the Jets training camp at Hofstra was canceled. It was a major let down because I look foward to this event all year long. The funny thing is it didnt even rain. Oh well, guess we will have to wait untill next year. J-E-T-S!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dustin Tokarski

Mailed out on 1/13/11 and Recieved back on 8/12/11 Signed 2/1
   Glad to see this one come back. I didnt expect to see it come back because he is such a prized prospect of the Lightning. We should be seeing a bit of a goalie compettition between Dustin and Dwayne Roloson. I love the personalization. Seems like a great kid and hopes he has a nice long career in the leauge. Also he was nice enough to send a card of his own. I love these hot rookie cards. Great return. For some strange reason the return came back with Canadian  postage, when I mailed it to Tampa and with a U.S stamp. Thankfully Tokarski went out of his way to get these back to me. Card was mailed to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New York Jets Training Camp Aug. 25 @ Hofstra

I am back. I feel much better. I will start sending out TTM requests again, mostley to the NFL players. Once every year, the New York Jets have one practice at Hofstra University. Always an exciting day. I go every year and always have a great time. I do pretty good with autographs. Last year I got Rookie Joe McKnight, Dustin Keller, Jericho Coatchery, Brad Smith, Vernon Gholston, and ALL Pro center Nick Mangold. Not the biggest names with the exception of Mangold. I was pretty close of getting Mark Sanchez but, his line is so long and its just not worth it. I hope to get the best cornerback in the entire NFL, Darrelle Revis. Stay tuned to see how I do this year. Also stay tuned to see all my TTM success from the NFL or any sport. On a side note.............How About my Rangers landing Brad Richards! Cant Wait to meet him at next years fan fest! Hope all is well with you guys and Thanks for checking out my blog.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ranger Goalie Project

Hey Everybody,
  Sorry I have not been posting. I have been violentley ill. I just got a TTM back from Zach Parise so, I will post that very soon. I will be starting a new hockey card mission. It is getting a base card of every rangers goalie from 1997-Present. They MUST be in a Rangers unifourm. I would also like rookies of each but, I could live without them. I will post what I have now probablly sometime this week. I hope you all watch the NHL Draft tonight! Also congrats to Bostan on winning the cup. I really wanted to see the Canucks win it because people have been waiting their hole life for this and I HATE BOSTAN! I hate the Red Sox,Celtics,Bruins and I hate the Patriots the most. I will admit that Bostan deserved it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dany Heatley

Mailed out on 1/16/11 and recieved back on 6/7/11. Signed 2/2.
   I havent seen too much Heatley success. I really like Dany and I was hoping he would be kind enough to sign my cards,which he was. The 03 Topps All Star card came out great, but the 10-11 Score came out kind of crappy. I did not do a good job rubbing the cards down with an eraser and I suffered the consequence. Really happy to see these come back. Cards were mailed to the San Jose Sharks. Picture over the weekend, I dont really have time to put one up.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Patrick Kane

Mailed out on 4/30/11 and recieved back on 6/4/11. Signed 3/3.
  Yes! I finally got Kane TTM. I was so happy to see these come back because Kane is my favorite player in the NHL. He did use a blue ball point pen but, it is Kane and I will let it slide. When I picked up the envelope, I was thinking it was my Nicklas Lidstom home request because I mailed four cards to Lidstrom. I didnt relize it was sent from Buffalo, the place where I mailed out the Kane cards. It was not Lidstom, it was someone better! So Happy!The 09-10 Triology card came out so good. Just a reminder, I collect ALL Patrick Kane cards, especially rookies. Email me your Kane list and we can work out a trade. Cards were mailed to Patrick's home in Buffalo,NY.

Rod Brind'Amour

Sent out on 4/17/11 and recieved back on 5/25/11. Signed 2/2.
  Great return from a future hall of famer. Rod had a great career in the NHL but, will most likely go into the Hall of Fame as a Carolina Hurricane. The 09-10 Victory card came out great and the Parkhurst card also looks great. I always love seeing old cards get signed. I have seen quicker returns from Rod and seems like he signs most of his mail. Cards were mailed to his home.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gregory Campbell

I won this 07-08 Be a Player Gregory Campbell auto from a pack that I purchased from my local card shop. I know what you are all thinking,why would he buy a pack from 07-08? Well I try to get lucky and win the Patrrick Kane rookie auto that is in the box. I can only hope. I am not really to pumped up about this auto so, if  anybody collects these types of cards or Florida Panthers I would trade it. So just email me an offer. I will admit I do like the Be a Player autos. I will have to buy the newer boxes. After I am done with Artifacts.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Months Mailing List

Mike Modano c/o Home
Mark Messier c/o Home
Brian Leetch c/o Home
Nicklas Lidstrom c/o Home
Zach Parise c/o Home
Thomas Vanek c/o Home
Phil Kessel c/o Home
Chris Drury c/o Home
Pavel Datsyuk c/o Home RTS*

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sorry for the Lack of Pictures

    As you can see, pictures havent been with my posts. My camera is currently broken because I dropped it and it wouldnt turn on. When I get a new one, I will take pictures of my success.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Now Have Harveys Address List!

   I have been reading that if you want guys who do not usually sign TTM through their clubs, you should buy Harveys Address list because its got a home address for basically everyone in the NHL. For all of you folks on my email list, about once a week I will be sending out addresses in the book. Also if you you are in this list you can request addresses in the book and I will send them out to everyone. I please ask only two requests a day. Its not to late to get on the list just email me at if you want on the list. If you have this book please comment what your thaughts are about it.

Eric Staal

Mailed out on 12/27/09 and recieved back on 5/15/11 Signed 1/1
   Wow almost two years for this beauty. Its so nice to see players clean out those mail boxes. I am always excited when I see old SASE's come back. It seems that a lot of people are getting back Staal returns either through his house or the Hurricanes. I was thinking about resending to him because I knew he wasnt quick but I was getting ready to write this one off. Mr. Staal was also a captain of the Eastern Confrence All-Star Game. His brother, Marc is also a key member of my Rangers. Card was mailed to Mr. Staals home.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chone Figgins

Mailed out on 4/29/11 and recieved back on 5/7/11 Signed 1/1
    Nice return from a solid MLB player. Chone finally landed that big money contract with Seattle but, in his first season there he wasnt producing like he used to with LA. This season Chone looks a lot better and looks like he is getting back to his old style of play. I always remebered Figgins coming into Ny to play the Yankees and would kill us either with a Home Run, clutch hit, his speed or a great grab in the field. At the trade deadline he may be moved. A real speed demon, always up there in stolen bases. Glad to get these back. Card was mailed to the Seattle Mariners.

Alexei Yashin

Mailed out on 4/21/11 and recieved back on 4/24/11 Signed 3/3
    Another fast return from a former NHL star. Yashin was great in the NHL, untill he came to play for the Islanders. What else is new the Islanders made another bad signing. Glad to see these come back so fast. Cards were mailed to his home.

Alexei Zhitnik

Mailed out on 4/20/11 and recieved back on 4/23/11 Signed 2/2
   3 day turn around, SWEET! Mr. Zhitnik had a nice long career in the leauge. I have seen so many returns from him. Class act. Cards were mailed to Mr. Zhitniks home.

This Months Mailing List

-Joey Votto c/o Reds
-Joel Pinero c/o Angels
-Martin Prado c/o Braves
-Francisco Cordero c/o Reds

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sharpie Sending TTM

I am facing a bit of a problem. I have this beautiful 09-10 Upper Deck Patrick Sharp card that I really want to get signed, by sending it to him. The problem is, its so dark. So my fear is if he signs it, he will most likely sign it with a black sharpie. What this card really needs is a silver sharpie but you will be able to see it. Now I ask can I send my silver sharpie TTM along with my card, SASE and letter? If so how much does the postage coast?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Email List

Well it is offically 4 months sice I have started this website. So to show some appreciation to you folks, I am starting an email list. Just email me to get yourself on this list. In the email just say you want on my email list and what not. Then you are good to go. If you do get on this list you will recieve special addresses, contests and more. Should be exciting.

Monday, April 18, 2011

This Months Mailng List

Vladimir Guerrero c/o O's
Eric Chavez c/o Yankees
Jayson Werth c/o Nationals
Ryan Ludwick c/o Padres
Mike Gartner c/o Home
Michael Cuddyer c/o Twins
Chone Figgins c/o Mariners
Patrick Sharp c/o Blackhawks
Jeremy Roenick c/o Home
Alexei Yashin c/o Home
Alexei Zhtnik c/o Home
Luc Robiataile c/o Home
Alexander Semin c/o Capitals practice  facility
Brian Campbell c/o Blackhawks
Patrick Kane c/o Home
Jonathan Towes c/o Blackhawks

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brian Gionta

Mailed out on 1/19/11 Recieved back on 4/16/11 Signed 1/1
Great Return from a great player. I am shocked to get these back when the Canadiens are playing such an intenese series with Bostan. In Game 1 Gionta had 2 goals and Montreal won 2-0. He is also the first American captain of a canadian team. Brian is such a great leader for Montreal.Since I do not own canadian postage, I included an american dollar and Gionta was kind enough to still return the card I sent back safely. Cards were mailed to the Montreal Canadiens.

Antoine Vermette

Mailed out on 1/23/11 Recieved back on 4/16/11 Signed 2/1
High expectations for hime when he was with Ottowa but it didnt really work out there for Antoine. He is currently with Columbus and seems like he is finding a home their. Glad to get these back. Cards were mailed to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Wayne Gretzky!!!!!!!

Mailed out on 1/23/11 Recieved back on 4/1/11 Signed 2/4
Ok, I am speechless. For a guy like Wayne Gretzky to sign for the fans, its incredible. What a neat signature, it almost looks to neat. He did only sign 2 cards of 4 but, its ok because he signed the 2 cards I mostly wanted back. I hope Gretzky pursues other coaching jobs around the leauge because he stint with Phoenix wasnt the best situation at the time. Cards were mailed to his home.

Joe Pavelski

Mailed out on 1/15/11 Recieved Back on 3/27/11 Signed 2/2
Joe has had a great season and had a great postseason last year. The Sharks look like a serious team that could go all the way this year, Joe just had a clutch Game 1 goal a couple of nights ago. I am really glad I got these back. I only wish he used a better writting utencil but, its ok. Cards were mailed to the San Jose Sharks.

Tuomo Ruutu

Mailed out on 1/23/11 Recieved back on 3/23/11 Signed 2/3
Well, what can I say, Mr. Ruutu has been great for Carolina and has signed most fan mail of both teams that he was apart of. A good all around player. I am a little suprised that he did not sign my other 09-10 Victory card, but its ok. Cards were mailed to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Show and Tell: Phil Hughes Auto'd Card

I was very excited when I got this Hughes auto. Phil Hughes has to pitch well, if the Yankees want to make it back to the world series. Overall, Phil had a great season and made the all-star team representing the American Leauge. Being a top Yankee prospect is difficult but Phil has handled it good.

Check Out MY Other Blog!

 As you can see, my mail has been slow and I dont know why. In the meantime  I have created a new blog called Check the about page on the site.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sets I'm Working On

Well everyones trades have been completed, I will be putting it out tomarrow. There are sets Im trying to complete but obviously, I need some help. If anyone has these cards let me know or if you can get themfor me let me know and we can work something out. Here they are:

2010-11 Score Set Cards, I need:

Patrick Kane
Brandon Prust
Cam Ward
Jussi Joikenen
Marc Savard
Kris Versteeg
Jonathan Towes
Brandon Dubinsky
Marc-Andre Fluery
Jonas Hiller
Dustin Byfluegin

Hot Rookies:

I only really want Nick Palmeri and PK Subban for now

05-06 Rookie Class Set:

Cam Ward
Gilbert Brule
Fedor Tyton
Petr Prucha

Perfer email but you can also leave comments.

Recent Success

Here is some success I've had recently, hopefully pictures soon!

Steve Ott c/o Stars
I forget when I mailed it out but I know it was sometime last year
2/2 signd

Alex Auld c/o Senators
Took about 4 months
1/1 Signd

Chris Campoli c/o Hawks
Really excited got it back in less then 2 weeks, should be a good addition to the hawks
2/3 Signd. Kept my 2009-10 Artifacts card, but thats ok because he signd my rookie card from my 05-06 rookie class set that I'm working on. Will be hard to get with Ovechkin and Crosby part of it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Months Mailing List

Ryan Braun c/o Brewers ST
Zack Greinke c/o Brewers ST
Radim Vrbata c/o Coyotes
Marty Turco c/o Blackhawks

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Back

Hello everybody. It has been a little bit slow here on the site, I guess its because I havent been writing as much. I have been very busy with school and have not had access to my cards. I have accepted to trades ( Joe I did not forget about our deal, I know youve been waiting for a while). Alright, so Im tryng to write more, so please bare with me, I cant wait for Summer! Hope all of your mailboxes have been full, unlike mine latelly. Hope all is well.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Barret Jackman

Mailed out on 1/15/11 and  Recieved back on 2/16/11 Signed 3/3
Barret Jackman is one of the toughest guys in the leauge and does his job fantastic. He might not be a big goal scorer but his leadership role makes up for that. Nice return. I really like the the way the fleer ultra card came out. Cards were mailed to his home.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bill Ranford

Mailed out on 1/19/11 and Recieved back on 2/11/11 Signd 4/4
This is a nice return overall. Bill was a great goalie, when he played. A little suprised he took the time to sign all 4 of my cards. I am really happy that the NHL pro set card was signd and came out nice, even though the picture isnt the best. Bill Ranford is currently the goaltending coach of the LA Kings, so get your requests out there. Cards were mailed to the Kings.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Show and Tell: Henrik Lundqvist Autographed Goalie Stick


I you folks are wondering this is a hand crafted goalie stick in Canada. I just took a picture of where he signed. Henrik has been so valuable for my Rangers for the last couple of years. I got this when he was a rookie because I saw his first NHL game and knew he was special. I always go to steiner sports because everything is authentic. I think the Rangers got something special going on this year, it should be fun to watch!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chris Chelios

Mailed on 1/26/11 Recieved back on 2/3/11 Signed 1/1
Fantastic return from one of my favorite hockey players. Chris was great for the hawks but even if you are a hawks fan, you still gotta love Chelios even though he moved over to the dark side. Chelios has been signing a ton of mail and has been giving a lot of quick returns. Get him while he is signing. To me he is the best TTM signers right now. 8 days sounds great to me. Card was mailed to the Red Wings.

John LeClair

Mailed out on 12/19/10 Recieved back on 2/3/11 Signed 1/1
Nice return overall. I have seen quicker LeClair returns from other collectors. I recommend writing to Mr. LeClair, because he is one of the best signers in the hobby. I am going to be shopping around ebay to see if I can get a cheap jersey card of LeClair because I know I will get it signed. Card was mailed to Mr. LeClair's home.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Months Mailng List

Bartolo Colon c/o Yankees Spring Training
Vernon Wells c/o Angels Spring Training
Adam Dunn c/o White Sox Spring Training
Joe Thorton c/o Sharks
Alexei Yashin c/o Home
Anze Kopitar c/o Kings
David Krejci c/o Bruins
Maxim Noreau c/o Aeros
Ty Conklin c/o Blues
Nikoali Zherdev c/o Flyers
Kevin Westgarth c/o Kings
Chris Pronger c/o Flyers
Alexander Semin c/o Capitals Practice Facility

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Real or Fake?

Well this is what the flames send their fans. To me these dont look authentic. The teams you avoid are Devils,Flames,Rangers. At least the Avs send you real autos. If anyone was wondering the players in the picture are Jarome Iginla and Dion Phaneuf. Please comment,what you think.

Spring Training 2011

Well one of the best times of the year is coming up,Spring Training! This is the time to get young prospects/rising stars in the MLB. For example Buster Posey,Mike Stanton,Jayson Heyward,etc. Also guys have changed teams in trade or free agency,like Jayson Werth,Vernon Wells,Lance Berkman. So that is going to be mostly on the mailing lists or some hockey requests. If you need an address to a spring training location, here is the link I use and has worked for me in the past I hope you have gotten a lot of nice returns lately. If you need to request an address please email me at

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daniel Briere

Mailed out on 1/14/11 and Recieved back on 1/24/11 Signed 1/1
Great return! Danny was trying to beat the Hawks but his team wasnt very good then, in my opinion. Nice to see a guy like Briere take some time to show his fans that he cares. Card was mailed to the Flyers.

Brett Hull

Mailed on 1/14/10 and Recieved back on 1/24/10 Signed 3/3
Well it was a sad day for me because of my Jets being eliminated but then found I have gotten two returns in one day. Brett Hull was a great player during his time. Im going to have to check the authenticity of these cards, but I looked on steiner and these cards look like the Hull stuff they are selling. Cards were mailed to his home. The tops card is up for trade, so if your intrested please send me an email.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

8x10 Mailings

How can I send out an 8x10 picture to a payer? How much would the postage be and also how do I do a SASE? I got a nice picture of Teemu Selanne I would like to get sighned. Thanks for reading and please comment.

DeAngalo Williams

Mailed out on 12/3/10 recieved back on 1/19/11. Wow! Great return from a great running back in the NFL. DWILL should be on a better team so he doesnt have to carry a team by himself and get injured. He battled some injuries this season but last year and the years before he was a 1,000 yd. rusher. DWILL is one of the most streakiest sighniners, so get yours out more towards end of NOV. or beginning of DEC. Card was  mailed to the Carolina Panthers.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Months Mailng List

Mike Richter c/o home
Mario Lemieuex c/o home
Wojtek Wolski c/o home
Loui Eriksson c/o Stars
*Daniel Briere c/o flyers*
Dwayne Roloson c/o lightning
*Brett Hull c/o home*
Jordan Staal c/o penguins
Paul Ranger c/o lightning
Tuomo Ruutu c/o Hurricanes
Martin Erat c/o predators
Cory Stillman c/o Panthers
Josh Bailey c/o Isles (RTS)
Joe Pavelski c/o sharks
*Bill Ranford c/o kings*
Alex Goligoski c/o penguins
Zach Parise c/o home
Dany Heatley c/o sharks
Brian Gionta c/o Canadiens
Dustin Tokarski c/o lightning
Brent Johnson c/o penguins
Antoine Vermette c/o blue jackets
Mike Cammalleri c/o canadiens
*Chris Chelios c/o red wings*
*Barret Jackam c/o home*
* *= success