Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check Out Sports

I just wanted to to tell you collectors that Frank Warren of Sports shot me an email saying that he would love for me to give a link to his company. They really do have some great stuff. Signed cards for 10 usd. and All Star game autod pucks for 60 usd. It would be great for you folks to check it out.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rex Ryan

Mailed out on 9/1/11 and received back on 9/18/11. Signed my 8x10 photo.
     Wow! By far my favorite TTM success. Rex is my favorite coach of all time and does a great job with my favorite team, the New York Jets. I love how confident he is with this group. Seriousley, when you have superstars in Revis, Mangold, Holmes, etc. and proven vets like LT, Plax, and Mason, the expectations will be high. Rex is just great and I love his trash talk. I was so glad that he personalized the photo and wrote "play like a jet!", just as I asked. Folks, this is the New York Jets year to win it all! Also, this is the first 8x10 success TTM for me. I only have sent two out and they were to Rex and Bart Scott. Photo was mailed to the Jets training center.

Tony Gonzalez

Mailed out on 8/10/11 and received back on 9/24/11. Signed 1/1.
    Great return from a future Hall Of Famer. Number six all time on the career catches list and most for a tight end. Mr. Gonzalez has a nice signature and seems to really takes his time. I have seen people get the pre printed card but, I was lucky enough for him to sign my card. Card was mailed to his fan mail site in California.

Jacob Tamme

Mailed out on 9/1/11 and received back on 9/13/11. Signed 1/1.
  Tamme really played well last season when Pro-Bowl Tight End Dallas Clark went down on IR. He still plays on the Colts but more as blocking tight end. Mr. Tamme has great hands and is a good player in the red zone. Card came out great and I am fans of guys who sign in blue. Now I have TTM success from both Colts tight ends. Card was mailed to the Colts.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marc Staal

Mailed out on 8/16/11 and received back on 9/17/11. Signed 1/1.
    Marc Staal! One of my favorite Rangers! I am so glad to get Staal TTM because I havent had a chance to meet him IP. Hopefully I will this season. Marc is such a great player and watch out for my Rangers this season. I can't wait to see this new Rangers team. I am not impressed with many teams from the East but in the West, I really like the LA Kings. I will mail to Staal again with some newer cards. Card was mailed to the Staal family home.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Steven Jackson

Mailed out on 8/10/11 and received back on 9/17/11. Signed 1/1.
   A FOOTBALL SUCCESS! Its been a while because I usually dont write to football players but this season I have written to a lot. Steven Jackson is a complete beast and basically carries this Rams team on his back every season. Last year he almost carried the team into the playoffs but just fell short on the last Sunday night game of the season against Seattle. With Jackson and 2010 No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford, the Rams look to be the team in the NFC West from what I see. Card was mailed to the Rams.

Saku Koivu

Mailed out on 8/19/11 and received back on 9/12/11. Signed 1/1.
     Nice return! I have seen a lot of Saku success and I am glad to see mine come back. Saku will always be remembered for his days in Montreal. Still, he will play a big role for the Ducks this season. I remember seeing Saku's return to Montreal and whenever he touched the puck he got loud cheers. Card was mailed to his home.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joe Sakic

Mailed out on 8/21/11 and Received back on 9/6/11. Signed 1/1.
I am so happy to get Sakic. I tried him twice through the Avs when he was still playing and recieved nothing. This was another good address find. Great return from one of my All-Time favorites. I love the way he signed the card and I will have to mail to him again. I heard he only took one card per request.  Card was mailed to his home.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Henrik Zetterberg

Mailed out on 8/22/11 and Received back on 9/1/11. Signed 1/1.
  Nice return from who I think is the best player on the Red Wings squad. He used a very light blue marker but, looks very nice in person. I got to say that these Game Breakers cards are sweet and I will have to mail more out. I am not the biggest Red Wings fan but, I like Mr. Zetterberg as a person and as a player. I have seen returns from him that have taken much longer than the amount of time it took for mine to get returned. Card was mailed to Mr. Zetterberg's agent.

Joe Thornton

Mailed out on 12/21/09 and Received back on 9/1/11. Signed 1/1.
   Thats right 09 folks. I looked at the return envelope in confusion and then latter found one of my oldest requests. I am a little annoyed that on the bottom of the card is a crease because it got beat up in the mail. Any advice on how to avoid this? I have another request out to Joe with some newer cards that I guess should be coming back soon. Card was mailed to the Sharks.