Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gregory Campbell

I won this 07-08 Be a Player Gregory Campbell auto from a pack that I purchased from my local card shop. I know what you are all thinking,why would he buy a pack from 07-08? Well I try to get lucky and win the Patrrick Kane rookie auto that is in the box. I can only hope. I am not really to pumped up about this auto so, if  anybody collects these types of cards or Florida Panthers I would trade it. So just email me an offer. I will admit I do like the Be a Player autos. I will have to buy the newer boxes. After I am done with Artifacts.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Months Mailing List

Mike Modano c/o Home
Mark Messier c/o Home
Brian Leetch c/o Home
Nicklas Lidstrom c/o Home
Zach Parise c/o Home
Thomas Vanek c/o Home
Phil Kessel c/o Home
Chris Drury c/o Home
Pavel Datsyuk c/o Home RTS*

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sorry for the Lack of Pictures

    As you can see, pictures havent been with my posts. My camera is currently broken because I dropped it and it wouldnt turn on. When I get a new one, I will take pictures of my success.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Now Have Harveys Address List!

   I have been reading that if you want guys who do not usually sign TTM through their clubs, you should buy Harveys Address list because its got a home address for basically everyone in the NHL. For all of you folks on my email list, about once a week I will be sending out addresses in the book. Also if you you are in this list you can request addresses in the book and I will send them out to everyone. I please ask only two requests a day. Its not to late to get on the list just email me at titansbaseball24@yahoo.com if you want on the list. If you have this book please comment what your thaughts are about it.

Eric Staal

Mailed out on 12/27/09 and recieved back on 5/15/11 Signed 1/1
   Wow almost two years for this beauty. Its so nice to see players clean out those mail boxes. I am always excited when I see old SASE's come back. It seems that a lot of people are getting back Staal returns either through his house or the Hurricanes. I was thinking about resending to him because I knew he wasnt quick but I was getting ready to write this one off. Mr. Staal was also a captain of the Eastern Confrence All-Star Game. His brother, Marc is also a key member of my Rangers. Card was mailed to Mr. Staals home.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chone Figgins

Mailed out on 4/29/11 and recieved back on 5/7/11 Signed 1/1
    Nice return from a solid MLB player. Chone finally landed that big money contract with Seattle but, in his first season there he wasnt producing like he used to with LA. This season Chone looks a lot better and looks like he is getting back to his old style of play. I always remebered Figgins coming into Ny to play the Yankees and would kill us either with a Home Run, clutch hit, his speed or a great grab in the field. At the trade deadline he may be moved. A real speed demon, always up there in stolen bases. Glad to get these back. Card was mailed to the Seattle Mariners.

Alexei Yashin

Mailed out on 4/21/11 and recieved back on 4/24/11 Signed 3/3
    Another fast return from a former NHL star. Yashin was great in the NHL, untill he came to play for the Islanders. What else is new the Islanders made another bad signing. Glad to see these come back so fast. Cards were mailed to his home.

Alexei Zhitnik

Mailed out on 4/20/11 and recieved back on 4/23/11 Signed 2/2
   3 day turn around, SWEET! Mr. Zhitnik had a nice long career in the leauge. I have seen so many returns from him. Class act. Cards were mailed to Mr. Zhitniks home.

This Months Mailing List

-Joey Votto c/o Reds
-Joel Pinero c/o Angels
-Martin Prado c/o Braves
-Francisco Cordero c/o Reds