Saturday, August 27, 2011

Equipment Sending TTM

Hello All,
  Is it possible to send out equipment such as pucks,baseballs, footballs,etc? If so how do you include a SASE? All help will be great.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thomas Vanek

Mailed out on 5/23/11 and Received back on 8/26/11. Signed 1/1.
  Great return from a very good hockey player. The reason why you dont see his signature is because of the color of Buffalo's sleeve and pants color is blue, the color Mr. Vanek used. Loved the personalization. Card was mailed to Mr. Vanek's home.

If you were wondering, the Jets training camp at Hofstra was canceled. It was a major let down because I look foward to this event all year long. The funny thing is it didnt even rain. Oh well, guess we will have to wait untill next year. J-E-T-S!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dustin Tokarski

Mailed out on 1/13/11 and Recieved back on 8/12/11 Signed 2/1
   Glad to see this one come back. I didnt expect to see it come back because he is such a prized prospect of the Lightning. We should be seeing a bit of a goalie compettition between Dustin and Dwayne Roloson. I love the personalization. Seems like a great kid and hopes he has a nice long career in the leauge. Also he was nice enough to send a card of his own. I love these hot rookie cards. Great return. For some strange reason the return came back with Canadian  postage, when I mailed it to Tampa and with a U.S stamp. Thankfully Tokarski went out of his way to get these back to me. Card was mailed to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New York Jets Training Camp Aug. 25 @ Hofstra

I am back. I feel much better. I will start sending out TTM requests again, mostley to the NFL players. Once every year, the New York Jets have one practice at Hofstra University. Always an exciting day. I go every year and always have a great time. I do pretty good with autographs. Last year I got Rookie Joe McKnight, Dustin Keller, Jericho Coatchery, Brad Smith, Vernon Gholston, and ALL Pro center Nick Mangold. Not the biggest names with the exception of Mangold. I was pretty close of getting Mark Sanchez but, his line is so long and its just not worth it. I hope to get the best cornerback in the entire NFL, Darrelle Revis. Stay tuned to see how I do this year. Also stay tuned to see all my TTM success from the NFL or any sport. On a side note.............How About my Rangers landing Brad Richards! Cant Wait to meet him at next years fan fest! Hope all is well with you guys and Thanks for checking out my blog.