Saturday, December 18, 2010

This Months Mail List

requests and address'
*deangalo williams-c/o panthers*
brent burns-c/o wild
rick nash-c/o blue jackets
niklas backstrom-c/o wild
jonas hiller-c/o ducks
*john leclair-home address*
drew doughty-c/o kings
if you have had any success with any of these guys please comment
* *= success

Ruslan Fedetanko

How long it took-4 weeks
Details-Yes a fast return but i'm lil' dissapointed.I sent him a 2008 mvp upper deck card, but he sighned a lil bit on the fake signature but only the last two letters.Overall im happy but could of been also happy that he is on my rangers.also he sighnd with a good black marker.Cards were mailed to the penguins.

Teemu Selanne

How long it took-1/5 months
Details-This story that im about to tell you,shows how classy teemu is.I sent him one card,he sighnd it,but he threw in another card that he sighnd to.good class act from a great hockey player.both sighned in a thin sharpie,the one i sent was a 2005 upper deck power play card that looks beautiful and he sent me a 2007 o phee chee card.great sig.,perfect marker,and fast return,thats what u call a perfect return.card was mailed to his home. I recomend u send a lil' bit before the olympics because i think thats when he does his mail.i especially love the powerplay card!

as you can see he sighnd with a thin writing utencil

RJ Umberger

how long it took-2 months
details-i like Rj and i think he is a very classy guy from his interview.high draft pick and has a lot of talent.was a college star out of ohio state so he has the talent to be good.hopefully the jackets work for him.card was sighnd with a well working blue sharpie.RJ sighnd a 2006 rookie class card(part of my rookie class set). card mailed to the blue jackets

Nik Antropov

How long it took-1 month
Details-Great return!Sighnd with a beautiful black marker!Sig. is hard to read but is 100% real because ive seen other antropov successes that look just like mine.The card nik sighnd was a 2006 upper deck card. card was mailed to the thrashers.

Brent Seabrook

How long it took-4 months
Details-Brent has been great for the hawks.a yong guy who is cheap and will be a hawk for a while.He has a great sig. and its easy to read.The card he sighnd for me is a victory rookie card.Now i guess its 2007 but i cant find the year but it says rookie on it and he was a rookie in 07.Sighnd in blue sharpie and looks good.Card was mailed to the hawks.

Martin St. Louis

How long it took-5 months
Details-Martin is an outstanding and an elite player in the leauge.Its always great to see elite players sighn ttm.The card looks great!The card is a 2004 upper deck power play card.Long wait but 100% worth it.Card was mailed to the lightning.My advice is to get requests out fast before he is traded!
srry for the bad pic


Sergei Gonchar

How long it took-5 months
Details-Well what can i say,he has a great sig.,i think its tougher to get him now because he is not a penguin.Overall sergei gets overlooked.The card he sighnd was a 2002 upper deck victory card,he was a capital then.The marker he used looks good and the card is in great condition.the card was mailed to the penguins.

Dallas Clark-Colts TE

how long it took-about 4 months
details-sighnd in black sharpie and the sig. is very nice and the marker was well working.One of my favorite returns because dallas is a great player and is very underrated.Mailed to the Ind. Colts!

About the site

This is a website about sports autos ttm.As of now im unable to post pics,but i hope i can soon.It might be a little slow with updates for a while because I havent been writing.But i will post the succes i had in the past.Thankyou!