Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dave Bolland

                       Mailed out on 9/4/11 and received back on 4/27/12. Signed 1/1.
           After Chicago got bounced from the playoffs, Dave Bolland cleared out his mail box and returned my 08-09 O- Pee- Chee card signed in nice black sharpie marker. I have seen all different Bolland signatures when mailing TTM. Glad to see this card found it's way back to me. Card was mailed to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Joey Votto

                             Mailed out on 4/10/11 and received back on 4/26/12. Signed 1/1.
                   It has been awhile since I have gotten a baseball success and I am very pleased that Mr. Votto got to my request. He just got a 10 year deal with the Reds after his 2010 MVP season and is still very good with signing his fan mail. Very pleased. Card was mailed to the Reds.

Dirk Nowitzki

                           Mailed out on 4/15/12 and received back on 4/25/12. Signed 1/1.
     The very first basketball success of  my website! I am a basketball fan and also I enjoy playing it but I just do not have the desire to mail out requests to NBA players. I always knew Dirk signed TTM and an autograph from last years finals MVP won't hurt my collection. Card was mailed to the Mavs.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jonas Hiller

Request #1 was mailed out on 12-23-10 and received back on 4-19-12.
Request # 2 was mailed out on 9-4-11 and received back on 4-19-12.

It looked like Jonas Hiller was cleaning out his mailbox once the season was over. I got both of my requests back on the same day! I am a big fan of Mr. Hiller and the Ducks definitely under achieved this season. They have a lot of talented players so next year I can see them making the playoffs. Both requests were mailed to the Ducks.

Filip Kuba

 Card was acquired in a trade in April 2012. Thankyou to Rob who traded me this 09-10 Victory card signed in black sharpie by Filip Kuba. Rob was able to track him down TTM and I was going to write to him but I didnt have any Canadian postage at the time. Thanks again Rob! Check out his blog

Scott Hartnell

Mailed on 4-10-12 and received back on 4-20-12. Signed 1/1.
     Scott Hartnell is one of the few Flyers that sign TTM. I was very suprised to see this one come back during the intense series with Pittsburgh. Card was mailed to the Flyers.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brandon Sutter

Card was pulled from a pack of 2010-11 Artifacts.

I am very happy about this hit. I bought three of these packs and after pulling this beauty I will have to buy more. Card is perfectly signed with blue sharpie marker.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Playoff Bracket

East: Round 1                                        
Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 

New York over Ottawa

Washington over Boston

New Jersey over Florida

West: Round 1
Nashville over Detroit

Vancouver over LA

Chicago over Phoenix

San Jose over St. Louis

There are still a few spots open in the contest!!! Round 2 coming soon!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

NHL Playoff Bracket Contest

If anybody is interested in a playoff bracket please send me an email.
                          The rules for the contest are:
- Each person who enters picks a winner of each series in each conference.
-The person with the correct bracket wins and the closest brackets behind the winner are placed on their accuracy.
-Depending on how many people enter, the grand prize will be determined.
- Each person that enters must give a signed card that they are willing to give up.
The winner picks what card he wants and then the people behind him/ her will pick off the list too.
- Limit of 8 people.
-Any questions? Just send me an email

Friday, April 6, 2012

Chris Pronger

Mailed out on 2-11-11 and received back on 2-19-12. Signed 3/3.
   Wow an entire year for these beauties to come to my mailbox! Pronger's career looks to be winding down but his was great and will always be remembered. He always personalizes cards which I'm fine with because I am not looking to sell these. Cards were mailed to the Flyers.

Mike Gartner

Mailed out on 4-20-11 and received back on 2-10-12. Signed 2/2.
     I am so glad to see these come back because I had asked Mr. Gartner to personalize one of the cards to my father who is a big fan of his. To make the return better is that he used blue which always looks great. Cards were mailed to his home.

Brian Campbell

Mailed out on 4-17-11 and received back on 3/12/12. Signed 1/1.
   I mailed this 09-10 Victory card to Brian at the end of last season so, I guess his mail from the Chicago was mailed to Florida for him to sign as a member of the Panthers. I have never had this happen before but I got the card back and thats all that matters. Campbell had some good years with Chicago before being dealt to the Panthers.

Carey Price

Mailed out on 9/5/11 and received back on 3/ 26/12. Signed 2/2.
    Carey Price is a fantastic goalie and is establishing himself as one of the leauges best. He was great in last years playoffs but this year him and the Habs will not be contending for a cup which is a disappointment. Very pleased with these. Cards were mailed to the Canadiens.

Jeremy Roenick

Mailed out on 5-23-11 and received back on 3-16-12. Signed 5/5.
Jeremy Roenick was a fantastic player on the ice and one of my favorites. JR usually takes way shorter when signing fan mail but I guess mine was at the bottom. Cards were mailed to his home.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fresh Fan Letters Mailed Out

I know what you are saying, he said he would start updating again weeks ago? I have success to share and that is coming soon. Just recently I had a ton of fan letters mailed and hopefully they will return. Stay Tuned because there is some good stuff I will be sharing.