Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sharpie Sending TTM

I am facing a bit of a problem. I have this beautiful 09-10 Upper Deck Patrick Sharp card that I really want to get signed, by sending it to him. The problem is, its so dark. So my fear is if he signs it, he will most likely sign it with a black sharpie. What this card really needs is a silver sharpie but you will be able to see it. Now I ask can I send my silver sharpie TTM along with my card, SASE and letter? If so how much does the postage coast?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Email List

Well it is offically 4 months sice I have started this website. So to show some appreciation to you folks, I am starting an email list. Just email me to get yourself on this list. In the email just say you want on my email list and what not. Then you are good to go. If you do get on this list you will recieve special addresses, contests and more. Should be exciting.

Monday, April 18, 2011

This Months Mailng List

Vladimir Guerrero c/o O's
Eric Chavez c/o Yankees
Jayson Werth c/o Nationals
Ryan Ludwick c/o Padres
Mike Gartner c/o Home
Michael Cuddyer c/o Twins
Chone Figgins c/o Mariners
Patrick Sharp c/o Blackhawks
Jeremy Roenick c/o Home
Alexei Yashin c/o Home
Alexei Zhtnik c/o Home
Luc Robiataile c/o Home
Alexander Semin c/o Capitals practice  facility
Brian Campbell c/o Blackhawks
Patrick Kane c/o Home
Jonathan Towes c/o Blackhawks

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brian Gionta

Mailed out on 1/19/11 Recieved back on 4/16/11 Signed 1/1
Great Return from a great player. I am shocked to get these back when the Canadiens are playing such an intenese series with Bostan. In Game 1 Gionta had 2 goals and Montreal won 2-0. He is also the first American captain of a canadian team. Brian is such a great leader for Montreal.Since I do not own canadian postage, I included an american dollar and Gionta was kind enough to still return the card I sent back safely. Cards were mailed to the Montreal Canadiens.

Antoine Vermette

Mailed out on 1/23/11 Recieved back on 4/16/11 Signed 2/1
High expectations for hime when he was with Ottowa but it didnt really work out there for Antoine. He is currently with Columbus and seems like he is finding a home their. Glad to get these back. Cards were mailed to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Wayne Gretzky!!!!!!!

Mailed out on 1/23/11 Recieved back on 4/1/11 Signed 2/4
Ok, I am speechless. For a guy like Wayne Gretzky to sign for the fans, its incredible. What a neat signature, it almost looks to neat. He did only sign 2 cards of 4 but, its ok because he signed the 2 cards I mostly wanted back. I hope Gretzky pursues other coaching jobs around the leauge because he stint with Phoenix wasnt the best situation at the time. Cards were mailed to his home.

Joe Pavelski

Mailed out on 1/15/11 Recieved Back on 3/27/11 Signed 2/2
Joe has had a great season and had a great postseason last year. The Sharks look like a serious team that could go all the way this year, Joe just had a clutch Game 1 goal a couple of nights ago. I am really glad I got these back. I only wish he used a better writting utencil but, its ok. Cards were mailed to the San Jose Sharks.

Tuomo Ruutu

Mailed out on 1/23/11 Recieved back on 3/23/11 Signed 2/3
Well, what can I say, Mr. Ruutu has been great for Carolina and has signed most fan mail of both teams that he was apart of. A good all around player. I am a little suprised that he did not sign my other 09-10 Victory card, but its ok. Cards were mailed to the Carolina Hurricanes.