Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ranger Goalie Project

Hey Everybody,
  Sorry I have not been posting. I have been violentley ill. I just got a TTM back from Zach Parise so, I will post that very soon. I will be starting a new hockey card mission. It is getting a base card of every rangers goalie from 1997-Present. They MUST be in a Rangers unifourm. I would also like rookies of each but, I could live without them. I will post what I have now probablly sometime this week. I hope you all watch the NHL Draft tonight! Also congrats to Bostan on winning the cup. I really wanted to see the Canucks win it because people have been waiting their hole life for this and I HATE BOSTAN! I hate the Red Sox,Celtics,Bruins and I hate the Patriots the most. I will admit that Bostan deserved it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dany Heatley

Mailed out on 1/16/11 and recieved back on 6/7/11. Signed 2/2.
   I havent seen too much Heatley success. I really like Dany and I was hoping he would be kind enough to sign my cards,which he was. The 03 Topps All Star card came out great, but the 10-11 Score came out kind of crappy. I did not do a good job rubbing the cards down with an eraser and I suffered the consequence. Really happy to see these come back. Cards were mailed to the San Jose Sharks. Picture over the weekend, I dont really have time to put one up.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Patrick Kane

Mailed out on 4/30/11 and recieved back on 6/4/11. Signed 3/3.
  Yes! I finally got Kane TTM. I was so happy to see these come back because Kane is my favorite player in the NHL. He did use a blue ball point pen but, it is Kane and I will let it slide. When I picked up the envelope, I was thinking it was my Nicklas Lidstom home request because I mailed four cards to Lidstrom. I didnt relize it was sent from Buffalo, the place where I mailed out the Kane cards. It was not Lidstom, it was someone better! So Happy!The 09-10 Triology card came out so good. Just a reminder, I collect ALL Patrick Kane cards, especially rookies. Email me your Kane list and we can work out a trade. Cards were mailed to Patrick's home in Buffalo,NY.

Rod Brind'Amour

Sent out on 4/17/11 and recieved back on 5/25/11. Signed 2/2.
  Great return from a future hall of famer. Rod had a great career in the NHL but, will most likely go into the Hall of Fame as a Carolina Hurricane. The 09-10 Victory card came out great and the Parkhurst card also looks great. I always love seeing old cards get signed. I have seen quicker returns from Rod and seems like he signs most of his mail. Cards were mailed to his home.